To make sure you get paid you must add your Bank details and your Payment method in MYHR. You must complete all the steps below. If you do not complete all the below steps, we will not be able to process your payment.

You can also change your bank details or split your wages between different accounts.

If you have not been paid because of missing or incorrect bank details, you do not need to call anyone. Simply correct the Bank details in MyHR, and we will process your pay on the next out of cycle payment run we do (Tuesdays and Fridays).

Add New bank details

  • Go to Me tab
  • Select My Pay and then select Update bank Details
  • In the top box, select Add
  • Enter Account number, Account Holder and Sort code
  • Select Save

Add your Payment Method

  • In the bottom box select Add
  • Complete all fields
  • In Payment Amount field enter 100% (or specific percentage to be paid into selected account)
  • Choose new bank details from Bank Account dropdown list
  • Select Save