Getting your forty winks is just as important as food and water for survival. Sleep is vital for good health, as it allows the mind and body to repair and develop. A lack of sleep can increase your stress levels, weaken your immune system and lead to poor health. If you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, have a think about the following questions...

  • Do you switch off from your phone, tablet or laptop 2 hours before heading to bed?
  • Have you tried meditation to help free your mind of the worries of the day?
  • Are you making time for some daily exercise?
  • Are you drinking too much caffeine (more than the recommended 4 cups of coffee a day)?
  • Is the temperature in your bedroom too hot or too cold – could you open a window or heat the room before going to bed?

The Sleep Council have a wealth of information and Sleep Tools on their website, including a free 30-day sleep plan, a stress test, a sleep calculator, nodcasts, and a bed MOT.

Visit for more information.

Try listening to a podcast which prepares your mind and body for sleep and see if that helps. Below are just a few recommendations but there are plenty around, so share your favourites with colleagues:

  • Radio Headspace
  • Meditation Minis
  • Sleep with Me
  • Nothing Much Happens

You’ll also find some useful information for your sleep health on the NHS website.