Co-op colleague membership card policy

Membership is at the heart of our Co-op and we want to encourage all our colleagues to become members.

As a member you have a share in our Co-op, and you can also have your say on how we work; help pick the products we sell; choose the local causes we support and vote in elections and motions at our AGM. When you buy selected Co-op branded products and services, 2p for every pound spent goes to you and we’ll give the same to community causes.

As a colleague member you can also enjoy a range of special discounts on Co-op products and services. To find out more and to become a colleague member, go to our website.

Crucial bits

Everyone can become a Co-op member and get benefits when they shop with us. But if you’re a Co-op employee, you can also get the extra discounts that are just for colleagues. All Co-op colleagues are eligible – it doesn’t matter if you work part-time or are on a fixed-term or temporary contract, and there’s no waiting period before you can apply. If you’re working here through an agency or as a contractor though, you won’t get the extra benefits for colleagues, but you can still become a member.

When you get your colleague membership card you need to sign it. Using your card means that you agree to the terms and conditions of being a Co-op member. There are more details on our website. It also means that you agree to follow the rules of using your colleague membership card that are in this policy.

You can continue using your colleague membership card even if you’re away from work for a while, like being on maternity leave or a long period of sickness.

Using your card

There are just a few rules for using your membership card, which you need to follow;

Remember that your colleague membership card, and the discounts it gives you, are for your benefit only. So you should only use it on things for your own purpose. There’s more information below on partner cards.

Where the Co-op offers discounts specifically for your family – like our discounts on funerals, funeral plans and wills – it’s okay to give your membership number to a qualifying family member for them to use it for that purpose. We know it can be difficult to organise things like these if you need to be there to show your card, so this should make things easier. Other than for the specific family discounts, you mustn’t give, lend or sell your card to anyone else to use, including the key fob card. Your signature on the card may be checked when you buy something to confirm the card belongs to you.

As much as you might want to help our customers, you must never use your colleague membership card to give customers a discount, or use it for you to earn rewards from their shopping. To get your colleague discount you’ll need to show your card when you buy anything or put the number in if you’re shopping online.

Unlike your member rewards these discounts can’t be applied afterwards. Please don’t put other colleagues in an awkward position by asking them to give you the discount without your card. You mustn’t buy things using your colleague membership card in order to resell them. If you buy items in bulk, we may look into this, as it could be a sign that you’re buying items for sale or for other people. Just so it’s clear, if we suspect that you’ve misused your colleague membership card or that your partner card has been misused, we’ll take this seriously and investigate in line with the Disciplinary Policy. It could result in disciplinary action being taken, including summary dismissal, and your membership card being taken away.

Partner cards

As a colleague member you can also have a partner card to give to somebody else. This partner card gives the same special discounts that you get as a colleague. If the person you give it is also a member, they can use it alongside their own membership card to earn rewards and membership points as well.

It’s important that you only give your partner card to someone who permanently lives with you. This could be your spouse, child, flatmate or anyone else as long as they’re living at your address.

Just like with your colleague membership card, they mustn’t give, lend or sell your partner card to anyone else to use, or use it to buy things to resell. Again, when they use the card we might check their signature to make sure they are the person who you’ve given the card to.

Remember that you’re responsible for the use of your partner card, so make sure you tell the person you give it to about the rules of using it.

If your card is lost or stolen

If your colleague membership card or partner card is lost or stolen you should call 0800 023 4708.