Update to Applicants - 29 April 2022


Hi everyone! We just wanted to share an update on where we're at with festival recruitment. We're still working through applications, and prioritising the first three festivals at the moment.

We're getting a number of queries from colleagues chasing the status of their applications. We know everyone is eager, but we had hundreds of applications to work through. If you've still not heard about your application, don't worry! We expect everyone should know the outcomes by the end of May.

If you do have any questions or want to get in touch with us, please contact us via festivals@coop.co.uk or ask us questions on the Festival Recruitment Yammer. Please use these official channels and don't reach out to the team via any social media. Thanks!

Co-op Festival Season 2022 - feature image V2

Our onsite Festival Stores have become a true favourite since they first appeared in 2018 and this year we’re back, bigger than ever, with stores at nine different festivals.

Our stores offer a great range of products for festival goers and re-enforce our Co-op difference with our sustainability commitments.

We’ll be looking for hard working colleagues across the Co-op to join us and you’ll find all you need below to get involved.

Hear what it's like to work as part of our Festival crew

What festivals will we be joining this year?

We're currently scheduled to join nine festivals this year on the below dates:

  • Download Festival – 6 – 13 June
  • Isle of Wight Festival – 14 – 20 June
  • Glastonbury Festival – 20 – 27 June
  • Latitude Festival – 19 - 25 July
  • Belladrum Festival* – 26 – 31 July
  • Kendal Calling Festival* – 26 July – 1 August
  • Reading Festival - 22 - 29 August
  • Leeds Festival - 22 - 29 August
  • Creamfields Festival - 23 - 29 August

We don’t sell alcohol at our stores at Glastonbury, Belladrum and Creamfields.

Please note - these dates include a travel date to and from the festival, a training day and the festival store trading dates.

What's included

  • Festival ticket/entry
  • Public transport paid for and booked via festival team
  • Mileage allowance for driving
  • You are provided with your own tent and airbed within our Co-op Campsite area
  • Dedicated showers and toilets only for Co-op colleagues
  • Expenses allowance for each day for breakfast and evening meals
  • Training both online on MyHR before you get to the festival and also on the day before the store opens

Want to join our Festival Crew?

We want you to help us run, stock, serve and manage our pop up shops this year. We're looking for hard working colleagues to join us across the nine festivals. It doesn't matter where you work or what you do - we want to see colleagues from food stores, funeral homes, legal services, depots and support centres applying.

And don't worry if you've never worked in a food store before. You'll be fully trained and you'll have a lot of support throughout the festival! You'll also get a chance to get to know the people you’ll be working with and get to know them virtually before you get on site.

If you're looking for a challenge, we can promise you a lot of fun, some fantastic experience in a highly demanding role, and the opportunity to see some of the world best artists and bands.

There are three shifts to choose from:

Earlies: 7am - 3:30pm

Late shift: 3:00pm - 11:30pm

Nights: 11pm - 7:30am

(*) Please note: the shifts at Belladrum and Kendal Calling Festivals are slightly different, operating in two shifts: Early shift 6am – 4.30pm and Late shift 4pm – 2.30am.

Team Leader roles

Within each shift, we'll have three Team Leader roles which will report into the Store Manager. Each Team Leader will be assigned responsibility for the cash process, shop floor and team breaks and wellbeing. More information on these below:

  • Cash Team Leader – you'll have the responsibility for managing the cash flow on site which is different to usual stores, training will be provided for this
  • Shop Floor Team Leader – you'll have the responsibility for co-ordinating stock replenishments throughout your shift and making sure all the chillers within the store and back of house are to the right temperatures. You'll also make sure the shop floor is safe, clean and tidy - this will also cover the back warehouse of stock
  • Colleague Breaks and Wellbeing Team Leader – you'll have the responsibility of co-ordinating all the team shift breaks within your shift, making sure everyone is feeling ok and filling up water bottles etc for those on tills.

Before you apply

There are a few important things to do before you apply to be part of our festival crew this year:

  • Think about which festival you'd like to join, and take into consideration the dates and the shift pattern you might want to work.

  • You'll be asked to provide a first, second and third preference for which festivals and shift pattern you'd like to work. We'll endeavour to give all successful colleagues their first preference, but this might not be possible in all circumstances. Please only apply for the festivals and the dates you can work.

  • Speak to your line manager and ask them if you are allowed to apply to your preferred festivals on the dates outlined above.

  • Please also note, we advise you not to work 2 days before and 2 days after your festival shift. These should be your rest days, and it’s your managers responsibility to facilitate this.

  • If you're successful, your line manager will be the person approving or rejecting your application, so it's really important to get permission before you apply.

When we’re looking to select our Festival Crew we want to make sure we have a mix of colleagues from different business units, a mix of those who have and haven’t worked at our stores. We read the paragraph submitted with your application, so make sure you put forward your best self within your application.

Store Manager Recruitment

This year, we'll be recruiting Store Managers for the festival stores separately. If you’re looking for that next challenge and the opportunity to lead a large team of around 30 colleagues, then apply to be a Store Manager on one of the shifts at ours festivals. Please click here to find out more about the Store Manager role and accountabilities at a Festival Store. If you’re ready to apply then make sure you fill in the Store Manager form below.’

We're really looking forward to having you join us this summer! If you're ready, please click the button below to apply!


If you're a Co-op employed NISA colleague, please email festivals@coop.co.uk to apply.

FAQs and further information

We know you might have a lot of questions for us in regards to festivals, so we've prepared a full detailed FAQ document (below) which we'll update regularly.

We've also set up a Festival Recruitment Yammer community which you're more than welcome to join. This community is regularly monitered so feel free to ask us anything you like.

If you have any further questions before applying please email festivals@coop.co.uk.

Building an inclusive workplace

We want to build diverse teams where everyone can give their best and develop to their full potential. We believe in equal opportunities, and we know it’s important that our teams reflect the communities they serve. 

We can make reasonable adjustments to help support you in your role, and during your time staying at the festival. There'll be an opportunity to bring up any additional needs during the application process.