Welcome to the Colleague Insight portal. If you’re not familiar with the team already, we're Laura, Bash, Abbas, Ty, Andrew and Suzanne and we carry out insight and listening for our frontline colleagues in Food stores and Funeralcare. We’ve launched this portal as we want to help our Co-op in succeeding together and believe that sharing knowledge and what we’re hearing is one way of helping with that.

Within these pages you'll find outputs from different work we are involved in, so if you’ve filled in a colleague insight survey recently, or contributed to a listening session, you might find a summary of what was captured.

Food stores - We’re always looking for colleagues to contribute to sessions:

  • project owners get help with a colleague viewpoint on your brief here.
  • become a participant and join a listening session here.
  • submit an idea to ‘Your Ideas’ here.

Funeralcare - For our colleagues in Funeralcare, we use the mantra ‘listentolearn’ – we want you to share your experiences, thoughts, questions and concerns. We host regular listening sessions, hackathons, and use our Yammer feed to make sure you stay connected to the Support Centre. To get involved, either email listentolearn@coop.co.uk or use this form to anonymously tell us what’s on your mind.


GET INVOLVED: You can sign up to a number of Listening Sessions across May and June

CUSTOMER TEAM MEMBERS: You can now sign up for our brand new Customer Team Member listening sessions.

Colleague Insight Weekly Survey (Food Store Colleagues)

Every week, we send a survey to a section of our Food store teams to understand how they are feeling as we continue to evolve as a business in 2021, working towards our vision of 'co-operating for a fairer world'. However, we also wanted a place for colleagues to share their views whenever they wanted. Our weekly survey can be filled out by any Food store colleague by clicking below.

The responses are completely anonymous and will never be shared back with your store or area managers. We encourage you to be as honest as possible.