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Colleague Voice

Last reviewed on 09 August 2018

Having your say at Co-op

We want colleagues to have a voice and say what they think about what goes on around Co-op. Colleague Voice is one way of doing that, alongside our monthly Talkback Pulse surveys.

What is Colleague Voice?

It’s a forum of 35 colleague reps from across Co-op whose aim is to create a great colleague experience. It will develop new colleague-focused initiatives and look into things that impact all colleagues.

The reps meet quarterly and give regular feedback to leaders. They also share progress updates and success stories via local communication channels and Co-op wide on our Colleague Stories site.

How to contact your local Colleague Voice rep

Check out the list of reps. If you need more information on how to contact your rep email

How Colleague Voice is different to Trade Unions

Trade Unions represent their members on matters around things like contracts of employment and working conditions. Colleague Voice reps represent all colleagues and are focused on creating a great colleague experience.

How Colleague Voice can benefit colleagues

Examples of things that have been developed as a result of Colleague Voice include:

  • a better recognition scheme (Thank You for Being Co-op)
  • clearer wage slips
  • improvements to our performance process.

What our colleague voice reps think

How to become a Colleague Voice rep for your area

If you’re interested in becoming a Colleague Voice rep please first check to see if there are any vacancies in your area and read the requirements for the role.

For colleagues in Food, Funeral & Life Planning and Insurance, vacant positions will be advertised through local communications.

To apply, please email for an application form.

If there’s more than one applicant for the same position you’ll need to go through a short selection process. We’ll give you all the details about this once you’ve applied.

How Colleague Voice can support your work

If you’re working on a Co-op wide initiative that could impact on colleague engagement, you may want to think about getting the Colleague Voice Forum involved. If you want to arrange a session with the forum, please complete this form and send it to

For any other questions about Colleague Voice, please email