These guides are for content editors and owners. They will help you plan, design, publish and manage content on the colleague website.

You might need to write or amend content:

  • as part of your annual policy review
  • after feedback you’ve received on a policy or procedure
  • because there’s been a business change or legal update

Follow this process when you need to create content.

  1. Identify and write user needs.
  2. Check if the content fits the colleague website proposition.
  3. Write and structure the content.
  4. Test the content with users.
  5. Amend and refine the content.
  6. Get the content owner to check it for factual accuracy.
  7. Publish the content onto the colleague website.

Email if you have any questions.

You can find out more about the different roles on the Colleagues website team and how they work together.