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Discounts in Co-op Food stores

Last reviewed on 20 July 2018

If you’re a Co-op colleague member you get 10% off your shopping in the following food stores:

  • Co-op Group
  • East of England Co-op
  • Midcounties Co-operative
  • Southern Co-op
  • Central England Co-operative

You’ll only get your 5% member reward and 1% for your community on selected Co-op branded products in Co-op Group food stores.

Your 5% and 1% are worked out after any other discounts are applied.

If you’re a partner card holder you get 10% off your shopping in Co-op Group food stores.

Double discount days

On double discount days you get 20% off any Co-op branded products you buy from Co-op Group food stores.

Find out which stores you can get double discount in.

How to get your discount

Show or swipe your colleague membership card or partner card when you pay for your shopping.

Things you don’t get discount on

You’ll get discount on everything you buy except:

  • cigarettes and tobacco (including lighters and matches)
  • paypoint and other concessions (such as costa coffee)
  • mobile top-ups
  • coffee shop
  • baby milk
  • lottery and scratchcards
  • fireworks and sparklers
  • fuel and forecourt services
  • saving stamps
  • postage stamps
  • carrier bags
  • gift vouchers and gift cards
  • home delivery charges

If you buy alcohol and your discount would mean you’d pay less than the minimum legal selling price, you won’t get the full discount.