Eligibility to work in the UK - process for hiring managers

We know our Eligibility to Work (ETW) processes haven’t always been easy and can really slow down the process of getting new colleagues into the business when you need them the most.

We’ve invested in technology to provide you with a new intelligent Right to Work app which'll be available on your work/personal mobile device or store tablet for submitting new colleagues ETW.

The app will recognise which documents you're scanning and will prompt you for additional documents if needed, as well as recognising all visa types and auto approving UK Passports.

Here are the benefits of an intelligent Right to Work app

  • user friendly, quick and easy for a smooth onboarding process
  • Covid19 adapted for video interviews
  • safely secured data, compliant with GDPR regulations
  • validation and feedback on the document at the time of scanning
  • automatic reminders to ensure follow-up on expiring visas
  • all submissions stamped electronically with a signature and date
  • intuitive app meaning no training required
  • reduction in admin efforts and rejected ETW documents allowing new colleagues to start in the business quicker
  • auto prompts for additional documents where requires
  • updated regularly in line with new Home Office legislation
  • for business areas who capture Proof of Address, you can now capture the documents via the app

You'll need to download the app from the Google Play store on your work or personal phone and search for the right to work app.

For full details and more information, firstly download the User Guide below and watch the supporting video below.

There are also some FAQs which you can download - please take a look at these before raising a query. If you’re still having issues or encounter a query not covered by the FAQs, please contact the HR Services Team on 0330 606 1001 or email hrservices@coop.co.uk

For detailed guidance on the Eligability to Work policy and a recap of what the acceptable ETW documents are, click here for more information.