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Emotional connections

Last reviewed on 08 July 2020

How can you build strong emotional connections?

Take time to talk

Although it's tempting to scroll social media after a long relax, try not to do this every night.

When the weather is good, take time to sit outside and have a socially distanced catch up with a friend or neighbour or go for a walk. You could give your friends and family a call if they aren’t close by and just have a chat. And if you’re not a particularly chatty person, embrace technology and send a few messages and check in.

Opening up and knowing you have somebody there to chat to if you need or want is really beneficial for your mental health.

See the world through the eyes of others

How the coronavirus crisis has affected you personally won’t be the same as it’s affected others. You may feel anxious, others completely fine and vice versa.

If you’re chatting to a friend, family member or colleague and they confide in you, don’t judge, just listen. This will help you navigate any more conversations you have in future and by being supportive it will encourage them to do the same for you.

Think about what you want to say

As the world returns to normal, you’ll likely come across people who have different views to you. Our differences are what make us who we are but try not to let frustration or anger take over if you see or hear something you aren’t happy about. There’ll be bumps along the way, changes you might not be happy with and you may make mistakes. In the midst of a heated argument we often say things we regret later so try and be kind and take a breath or two before you react to something you don’t agree with.

Check your own mental health

If you haven’t already, try out our Great Mental Health Quiz - a short quiz to help you think about you and the things you can do to improve your mental health.

Understanding how you’re feeling is really powerful and when you take the quiz you’ll get a personal report with the three things you can easily do to improve your mental health – sometimes having some clear directions on what you can do is really helpful. You can retake the quiz as often as you like and don’t worry no personal data is collected at all.

Reach out for support

You aren’t alone. There is lots of support available to you as a Co-op colleague on anything from mental wellbeing to financial support – you can find out more here.

You can always find support by calling LifeWorks from a UK landline or a mobile for free on 0800 069 8854. For online support, you can visit the LifeWorks website, the conversation will be totally confidential. Register here if you’ve not already.