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Eye tests and glasses

If you regularly use a PC, laptop or touchscreen for work, or drive on company business, you can get a free eye test at Boots every 2 years.

You might also be able to get free single-vision glasses from an agreed range at Boots if the optician finds you need glasses for work only.

You can get £10 off an eye test somewhere else if you don't have a local Boots opticians.

Apply for your free eye test at Boots

You can apply via the Co-op Eyecare Gateway.

Your eyecare plan details will be emailed or texted to you within 3 working days of applying.

Book an appointment at your chosen Boots optician and take your eyecare plan details with you.

If you live in Scotland where eye tests are free, you'll still need to apply for an eyecare voucher if you need glasses.

Claim £10 off an eye test

If you don't have a local Boots optician, you can still claim £10 towards your eye test.

When you have had your eye test, email a copy of your receipt to

An ‘authorising memo’ will then be sent to you which you'll need to process (with the original receipt) through Expenses.

Your request will then be signed off and you can claim the £10 back.

If you need more information about the cost of eye tests and glasses

Contact the ASE Corporate Eyecare Customer Service Team on 0844 800 4028 or at