Eyecare/Boots are pleased to inform you that in line with the Government’s guidelines, we re-opened our eyecare service on 22 June 2020.

Around a quarter of our optical network will be opening their doors and offering a Covid secure environment in which to provide eyecare services to on a ‘needs and symptom ’led basis, as per the optical governing bodies guidance.

A ‘needs led’ approach enables the eyecare provider to use their professional judgment to act in their patient’s best interests. This may include where the patient is anxious or concerned about their eyesight or ocular health, is affected by a minor reduction in vision, needs a replacement pair of spectacles or is in an at-risk group requiring a regular examination.

Following a telephone triage appointment, the optician will arrange a face-to-face consultation if it is felt appropriate. A ‘needs led’ approach would not typically include recalling low risk asymptomatic patients, who are happy with their current correction. This means that colleagues can now apply for an EyecarePlan voucher if they:

  • are due an eye test and are concerned about their vision
  • have noticed changes in their vision
  • have problems with their glasses or need a replacement
  • have lost/broken their glasses and do not have a spare to continue their daily activities safely with glasses
  • have any other concerns about your eye health

The decision to conduct an eye test lies within the professional judgement of the optical staff. The optical staff working within our eyecare partners will follow guidance from Government, the NHS and the optical professional bodies on when it is appropriate to open their optical practice for routine eye test, particularly in relation to infection control and prevention, social distancing, remote triaging, and seeing patients who are shielding.

We've published guidance for your employees on the EyecareGateway so that they may read this prior to making a request for an eyecare voucher. We thank you for your patience in this difficult time and if you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact client.services@eyecareplans.co.uk or phone on 0844 800 4028.

Below are some FAQs which you might find useful.

Apply for your free eye test at Boots

You can apply via the Co-op Eyecare Gateway.

Your eyecare plan details will be emailed or texted to you within 3 working days of applying.

Book an appointment at your chosen Boots optician and take your eyecare plan details with you.

If you live in Scotland where eye tests are free, you'll still need to apply for an eyecare voucher if you need glasses.

Claim £10 off an eye test

If you don't have a local Boots optician, you can still claim £10 towards your eye test.

When you have had your eye test, email a copy of your receipt to hrservices@coop.co.uk.

An ‘authorising memo’ will then be sent to you which you'll need to process (with the original receipt) through Expenses.

Your request will then be signed off and you can claim the £10 back.

If you need more information about the cost of eye tests and glasses

Contact the ASE Corporate Eyecare Customer Service Team on 0844 800 4028 or at cs@eyecareplans.co.uk.