This guide is for colleagues who wish to apply for support to study for the Certificate in Insurance through the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and should be read along with the Study Support Policy.

What is the Certificate in Insurance?

The Certificate is a core qualification for people working in the insurance sector. The CII website provides information on the qualification, syllabus and costs.

To achieve the Certificate, you’ll need to complete 40 credits, by studying individual modules that are between 10 and 15 credits each. You must complete the compulsory module IF1. The CII strongly recommend that you complete the compulsory module first as this provides you with the foundation knowledge upon which other modules build.

How is the course taught and assessed?

The course is referred to as a ‘self-study’ course, so there’s no classroom ‘taught’ element to the course. You’ll need to purchase a study book and sit an exam per module.


We’ll fully fund the cost of the compulsory study book for the specific module being undertaken. This does not include any additional materials, such revision notes or key facts documentation, to supplement your study.

As the learning for the Certificate is via the comprehensive study book, there should not be any other essential materials required to complete the qualification - so we won’t usually cover the costs of any further materials. If you feel that there are further essential materials needed to complete the qualification, speak to your manager.


As the Certificate is a modular qualification, requests for support will be considered for modules that will be started and completed within a 12 month timeframe. This is so that we’re fair to everyone applying for support to study for the qualification.

When completing the application form for support, please only include details of the individual modules you wish to complete in that 12 month period. You will be asked to specify timeframes for starting and completing modules, and support will be given based on this. You can then apply for further support to complete remaining modules.

When applying, it is important that you’re realistic when considering the timeframe for completing the modules requested in your application.

Beginning your study

If your request is approved, you should begin your studies at the next available opportunity and according to the timeframes agreed on your application form. We would expect you to start your study within two months of getting approval.

An example of suitable timeframes would be:

You request support to study one module of the Certificate in Insurance and this is approved in May. You should begin your studies straight away and sit your exam as soon as you feel ready, but without undue delay. If you don’t begin and complete your studies within a reasonable timeframe, for example within the calendar year of approved support, sponsorship from us may lapse.

Membership to the CII

We’ll pay for your membership to the CII for the year in which you’re studying towards the Certificate. As there’s a reduced exam and study book fee for members, please make sure the correct costs are noted on your application form and that you include CII membership as part of the cost.


We are also able to offer this qualification as a part of an apprenticeship programme. If you’re interested, please discuss this with your manager.