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Gym membership, fitness and training

Last reviewed on 13 August 2018

1 Angel Square Fitness and Wellbeing Centre

Your onsite Fitness and Wellbeing Centre is managed by Nuffield Health, and provides a professional service both on the gym floor and in studio classes.

We have a fully equipped gym which includes 18 pieces of cardiovascular equipment, a free weights area with smith machine, bench press and cable machines and resistance kits for all muscle groups.

For our studio classes please see the 1AS Current timetable 2019.

The gym is £10 a month to join, on a one month rolling contract and includes:

  • Initial H&S induction
  • Free one to one personal gym programmes throughout the year
  • Over 15 Studio classes to choose from
  • Free nutritional consultations
  • Gym challenges throughout the year

To join the gym, please go down to -1 Blue Core basement between 9-10am or 4-5pm and ring the doorbell. There will be a member of staff available to sign you up and book your H&S induction. Alternatively email asking to book your H&S induction.

Other Nuffield Health discounts

If you wish to join one of our consumer clubs across the country including The Printworks, Didsbury and Bolton you have two options.

Option one – join just a consumer club, all Coop employees get a 20% discount of memberships please go to to find your nearest club. You will need to take your coop ID pass with you and wage ID.

Option two – join our top up membership, which means you join our onsite gym for £10 a month then when you go to your local consumer site you will be offered the top up rate of an additional £25 for tier 3 (Printworks, Bolton, Preston, Liverpool & Chester or £35 for tier 2 Didsbury).

Please note the top up membership will always be cheaper than the 20% discount membership. On the top up membership anyone in your household will also get the top up rate if they wish to join a consumer club. As a corporate or consumer member you will be entitled to 20% discount on all physiotherapy treatment.