The High in Fat, Sugar and Salt (HFSS) regulation comes into force in England later this year. It’s part of Government plans to tackle obesity-related illnesses, which cost the NHS over £6 billion a year!

Our stores in mainland England with more than 2,000 sq ft of selling space will be impacted by the regulation. You and your colleagues need to be aware of some important changes we’re making over the next six months and how we need your help to make sure your store continues to trade legally when the regulation starts from 1 October 2022.

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Almost two thirds of adults in England are overweight, or living with obesity – and one in three children leave primary school overweight or obese.

By supporting the HFSS regulation and making changes in our stores, we’re helping customers to make the healthier food choices. The HFSS regulation goes to help reinforce our vision of 'Co-operating for a fairer world' and how we can further play our part in making a difference to people’s lives, especially the younger generation.

What's Changing (image)

This new regulation limits where we locate and promote products which are high in fat sugar or salt. This means from 1 October we mustn’t promote less healthy products in the way we do today. There are changes to how products are promoted online too.

What are HFSS products?

The HFSS regulation applies to the categories of pre-packed products below. However, it doesn’t mean every product within each category will be impacted. Products will be looked at on an individual basis to determine how nutritional they are and we're working with our suppliers to agree what products are classed as being HFSS.

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Product categories include: Soft drinks with added sugar, Confectionery, Cakes, Ice cream, Crisps and savoury snacks, Morning goods (eg pastries) Puddings and dairy desserts, Sweet biscuits, Breakfast cereals, Read meals, Youghurts, Mild drinks with added sugar, Juices with added sugar, Pizza, Chips and similar potato products)

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Where we display HFSS products will change

From 1 October, pre-packaged HFSS products such as chocolate, sugary drinks and crisps can’t be displayed in locations where we see lots of customers pass through your store - e.g. near the front door, near the checkouts, or on your promotion ends. Plus, off-fixture displays and clipstrips will only be allowed in authorised locations.

In summary, you won’t be able to place HFSS products in these locations:

What does this mean for my store (image)

Over the next few months, with your help, we'll be relaying the Ambient sections to make sure we're compliant with the new HFSS regulation. We'll also be updating your relevant planograms too.

This’ll mean some product areas which aren't impacted by the HFSS regulation will also change where they’re located. This is so we can free-up space for impacted HFSS products and promotions to be displayed in locations which are compliant with the new regulation.

Your store manager will tell you nearer the time when you can expect to see the changes in your store. It’s vital you stick these new floor plans and your updated planograms. If you don’t, your store could receive a fine of £2,500 from local enforcement officers if you're not compliant from 1 October.

Below are two narrated store walk videos which show what your store could look like once the replays and planogram changes have been completed:

Non-Impacted Stores

You'll continue to receive HFSS promotional offerings and no change to the layout of your store will take place.

This is because there are no HFSS restrictions in your store, either because the selling space of your store is below 2000 sq ft, or because you are in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

What do you need me to do? (Image)

You’ll have training during the summer ahead of the change, to make sure you're fully up to speed. Click on the timeline below to see what's happening when.

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5 take away point: From 1 October 2022, stores over 2,000 sq ft in England must be compliant with Government HFSS regulation. These stores won’t be able to display HFSS products in locations near the front door, near to checkouts, or on promotion ends. Between May and September, your store will be relayed so that it’s compliant with the new HFSS regulation. We need you to help your customers understand why we’ve made some changes  to your store. Always follow the floor plan and planograms for your store