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Income protection if you’re sick

Last reviewed on 29 June 2018

This scheme is now closed to new colleagues.

If you’re not covered by the income protection scheme, find out about your sick pay entitlement.

Co-op’s income protection scheme helps eligible colleagues who can't work due to ill health by paying 65% of their basic salary for up to 3 years.

This scheme pays an income after 26 weeks of continuous illness or after sick pay entitlement ends, whichever is later.

Check if you’re eligible for income protection

To be covered, you must be at least one of the following:

  • employed by Co-op, a member of the pension scheme on 31 October 2012 and also be a current member of the Pace DC pension scheme
  • employed by Co-op and a member of Pace Complete on 29 October 2015
  • a member of an income protection scheme which ended on 29 October 2015 - these schemes include the Permanent Health Benefit (PHB) Scheme, Britannia Income Protection Scheme (BIPS) and Somerfield Disability Income Replacement (DIR) Scheme.

How to make a claim

Contact your line manager. They will talk to ER Services and HR Services.

To claim you must:

Colleagues who were absent from work on 29 October 2015 due to illness, injury or on the advice of a doctor or consultant will not be covered until they return to work in their usual role.

How income protection works

Income protection is provided through a company called Unum. They must agree that you can't carry out the duties of your job.

Once your claim is approved and your sick pay stops, you’ll be paid 65% of your basic salary for up to 3 years.

After 3 years, if you are unable to return to work and Unum agree, one year’s salary will be paid to you and you will no longer be employed by Co-op.