Here at the Manx Co-operative we want to support our colleagues in balancing their work and family lives. If you need to take time off work because of your responsibilities as a parent, talk to your manager to see what can be arranged.

Parental Leave is a period of unpaid, planned time off work to care for your child. If you need to take short periods of leave without notice to look after your child in an emergency, please speak to your manager.

We also have Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Policies if you need time off for because you or your partner are having a baby or adopting a child.

Crucial bits

If you have parental responsibility for a child under 18 and have worked here for over 12 months, you can take up to 18 weeks’ unpaid Parental Leave to care for your child. You can take up to four weeks of this leave in any one year. This leave is per child and both parents can take Parental Leave for the same child. You can choose to take Parental Leave at the end of Maternity, Paternity or Adoption leave if you like.

Parental Leave is usually taken in blocks of one week, but you might be able to take single days if you really need to, so speak to your manager.

Requesting Parental Leave

To ask for Parental Leave, you’ll need to write to your manager at least 21 days before you want it to start. If your manager can’t agree to your request, they’ll send you a letter within seven days to let you know why. We’ll always do our best to accept any request for Parental Leave and will only turn a request down if it would cause problems for the business. Sometimes we might be able to agree to part of the leave you’re requesting.

If we have to say no, we’ll write to you giving the reasons why we can’t accommodate your leave request and suggest another date for you to start your leave within the next six months. We’ll never ask you to postpone leave to a later date if you then wouldn’t be entitled to it because your child would be over 18, or to change the amount of leave you’re requesting.

If you want to take Parental Leave as soon as your baby’s born or you adopt a child, you’ll need to write to your manager 21 days before the expected due/placement date. We’ll always accept these requests.

Things to think about


Your holiday entitlement will continue to accrue while you’re on Parental Leave. If your bank holidays aren’t already included in your holiday entitlement, you’ll also get days in lieu of any bank holidays which fall during your Parental Leave. Remember that once you’re back at work, the normal arrangements for carrying holiday forward will apply.


If you’re a member of our pension scheme all pension contributions will stop during your Parental Leave. For more information contact the scheme administrators, Edgewater Associates, Isle of Man, 01624 654000 or

Returning to work

Unless there’s a business reorganisation – in which case we’d consult with you about what this means for you – you’ll usually be able to come back to the same role and with the same terms and conditions of employment that you had before your Parental Leave.

If you need further support

If you have any questions about taking Parental Leave, please speak to your manager.

Remember we have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) who can provide colleagues with support. You can contact the EAP on 0800 069 8854. It’s independent and totally confidential. And there’s no charge for Co-op colleagues.