Here at the Manx Co-operative we know that having a baby or adopting a child is an important and exciting time and we want to support you. There are some important things that you need to know and do to help us make all the arrangements for your Paternity Leave and pay – so talk to your manager if you have any questions or concerns.

Crucial bits

Paternity Leave

- Eligibility

You can take Paternity Leave if:

  • you have worked for the Manx Co-operative for at least 26 weeks by the end of the 15th week before your baby is due to be born (i.e. 41 weeks before your baby is due), and
  • you are either the biological father of the child or the partner of the child’s mother - this includes same-sex partners or;
  • you and your partner are adopting a child, and
  • you have 26 weeks’ service by the date that you’re told a child is going to be placed with you for adoption.

You can only take one period of Paternity Leave for each pregnancy or adoption placement, even if more than one child is born or placed with you for adoption. If your partner also works for the Manx Co-operative, if you like you can take Paternity Leave at the same time that your partner’s taking Maternity or Adoption Leave.

- Taking leave

You can take Paternity Leave either as one single week or as two consecutive weeks – but not as two separate weeks. You can start it on any day of the week after your child’s born or placed with you. Your leave must finish within 56 days, or eight weeks, of your child’s birth or placement with you.

If you work part-time you’ll get Paternity Leave on a pro-rata basis.

If you want to take Paternity Leave, talk to your manager as soon as you can and no later than the end of the 15th week before your baby’s due or seven days after being told that you’ve been matched with a child for adoption. Tell your manager when you want your Paternity Leave to start and how much leave you want to take (one week or two weeks).

You’ll need to complete a PL1 - Application for Paternity Leave form (below). If you want to change your plans please try to give your manager as much notice as you can, ideally 28 days.

Paternity pay

Here at the Manx Co-operative we give Co-op Paternity Pay (CPP) of 2 weeks full pay if you meet the qualifying criteria and you’re employed by is at the point your CPP will start.

You may also be able to claim Paternity Allowance from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) – there’s information on the government website. If you do qualify for Paternity Allowance you’ll need to send us the letter you receive from the DHSC giving the amount, and then we’ll use your CPP to top you up to full pay.

To qualify for Co-op Paternity Pay, you’ll need to: - meet the criteria above to qualify for Paternity Leave - be employed by the Manx Co-operative on the date the child is born or placed for adoption - be earning an average of at least £118 a week - have not already taken any period of Shared Parental Leave for this pregnancy or adoption placement.

Just so you know, CPP is a discretionary benefit and isn’t part of your terms and conditions of employment. This means that the Co-op has the right to change or withdraw CPP at any time, but we won’t do this if you’re already receiving it.

Things to think about

Antenatal care and pre-adoption appointments

We know it’s important for you to go to antenatal or pre-adoption appointments with your partner.

You can take time off work to go to two antenatal appointments if:

  • you’re the father of the child
  • you’re the partner of a pregnant woman (including same sex partners)
  • you will become a parent through a surrogacy arrangement (and intend to apply for a Parental Order)

These include medical appointments, relaxation and parentcraft classes which have been recommended or made on the advice of a GP, midwife, or nurse.

If you’re adopting a child and are the co-adopter, you can take time off work to go to two adoption appointments. These are appointments made by the adoption agency or Local Authority relating to a child being placed for adoption.

Try to give your manager as much notice of your appointments as you can. You can take up to 6.5 hours’ leave for each appointment, including travelling, waiting and attendance time, but we expect that most appointments won’t last more than half a day. Although this time off is unpaid, we’ll do our best to limit the effect wherever we can, like agreeing for you to make up the time where it’s possible, or agreeing for you to take holiday.


Your holiday entitlement will continue to accrue while you’re on Paternity Leave. If your bank holidays aren’t already included in your holiday entitlement, you’ll also get days in lieu of any bank holidays which fall during your Paternity Leave. Remember that once you’re back at work, the normal arrangements for carrying holiday forward will apply.

If you need further support

If you have any questions about Paternity Leave, please speak to your manager.

We recognise that having a baby or adopting a child can mean significant changes in your personal life and you may need extra support and guidance in adapting to these. Remember we have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) who can provide colleagues with support. You can contact the EAP on 0800 069 8854. It’s independent and totally confidential. And there’s no charge for Co-op colleagues.