Mental Health Awareness Week ran from 10-16 May this year. The theme was nature, so we encouraged you to put your earphones in and get outside to enjoy our brand new podcast series, to move away from your usual working space to watch a virtual talk, or to send us your photographs of the nature around you!

Below are links to recordings from the sessions for you to catch-up on...

Morning Boosters

Start your day with some food for thought from Dr M, as she looks at how we can best support ourselves and each other coming out of lockdown. Join Diresh to to quieten the mind, find some calm and focus for the day ahead. Or learn more about how you can use different methods of journaling to look after your mental wellbeing, be at your best and avoid burnout.

Selection of inspirational talks

Listen to a range of fantastic speakers, sharing their personal journeys and some self-care tips they have learnt and developed along the way:

Workshops, classes & demonstrations

Take a moment for a yoga or Pilates class, get creative in the kitchen with our Foodology chefs, and learn the art of flower arranging!

Hear more from our partners

Learn more about services available to you through Lifeworks & Parkrun, and join one of our charity partners, Mind, to learn tools and techniques for managing stress and coping with tough times.

Pods & Plods

Listen to our brand new podcast series, featuring many different personal stories, including some of our own Co-op colleagues. You can even download the episodes to your device and head out into nature!

Additional Resources

More ideas

Here are some more ideas for you to explore this Mental Health Awareness Week: