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Last reviewed on 21 September 2018

Co-op mentoring is a voluntary network of colleagues who support each other with their personal and professional development.

All Co-op colleagues are able to get involved.

You can be either a 'mentor' or a 'mentee'.

A mentor has skills or experience and wants to support someone else to develop.

A mentee is someone who wants to develop a skill or experience and learn from a mentor.

If you want to become a mentor

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By becoming a mentor you can:

  • share your knowledge, skills and experience
  • develop your leadership and support skills
  • learn about other business areas
  • increase your professional network
  • help develop talent at Co-op

If you want to be a mentee

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By becoming a mentee you can:

  • learn new skills and experience
  • make connections in other business areas
  • increase your confidence
  • get support with career or development goals
  • improve job satisafction