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Mid-year performance reviews

Last reviewed on 21 May 2019

Mid-year review is a formal check in with an opportunity to reflect on your progress over the last half a year and to think about what you want to focus on until the end of the year.

You’ll get your performance rating for the year in your review meeting.

Use this page to check what you need to do and when.

If you’re a customer team member (CTM), team leader, team manager or warehouse operative, not all of this will apply to you. You’ll get more information from your manager.

Guidance for colleagues

Colleagues: Get ready for your mid-year review meeting

Your mid-year review will take place between 19th May and 19th July 2019. You should be having conversations about your performance with your manager throughout the year, so your review meeting shouldn’t contain any surprises. To get the most out of your mid-year review:

  • Think about what you’ve achieved over the last half a year
  • Look at the goals you have set for 2019 – use your mid-year review to reflect back and look ahead on how you are doing.
  • The conversation is a combination of what you are trying to achieve and how you go about doing it
  • Use our Co-op behaviours when thinking about ‘the how'
  • Agree with your manager what information you will share before your review meeting
  • Use the colleague guide for more tips on how to prepare for your mid-year review

Colleagues: Your mid-year review meeting

In the meeting you and your manager will discuss:

  • What you’ve done - how you’re performing in your job role and progress against your goals
  • How you’ve done it - demonstrating Co-op behaviours
  • What you want and need to focus on in the months ahead
  • Any support you need from your manager or other colleagues
    Your manager will share your performance rating during the meeting.

You can find out more about goal setting and building a personal development plan in the goal setting guide.

Colleague: After your review

You’ll get an email to tell you when your rating and your manager’s comments are available for you to see on MyHR. This will happen after all the reviews are complete.

Guidance for managers

Managers: Prepare for mid-year reviews with your team

  1. Book Mid-Year reviews with each of your team.
  2. Check your team know what they need to do by when and that they know how to prepare for their review. They should do this in the way they usually do, whether that’s offline using the performance template or in the goals section of MyHR. This document is the basis of your review discussion.
  3. If colleagues have used the goals section in MyPerformance then they can continue to do this.
  4. Consider each of your team member’s performance so far this year and what rating you would give them – remember, there shouldn’t be any surprises and this should be in-line with the conversations you’ve been having.
  5. Use the manager guide for more tips on how to prepare for mid-year reviews

Managers: Enter ratings for people you manage in MyHR

If your business area holds calibration sessions, you must enter a rating for each person you manage before your calibration meeting. Please see your local communications to find out more. Use the evidence you have from performance conversations through the last few months to decide on a rating for each person you manage. If needed, use the calibration guide to make sure you’re doing this consistently.

To enter ratings in to MyHR, you need to:

  1. Log into MyHR.
  2. Select ‘My team’.
  3. Select ‘Performance’.
  4. Find the colleague you want to add a rating for, then select ‘My 2019 Mid Year Review’.
  5. Check the dates and manager name are correct, then select ‘Continue’.
  6. Choose the rating you want to give in the drop-down box next to ‘Manager’.
  7. Select ‘Save’.

This video also shows how to enter ratings and manager comments in MyHR.

Colleagues do not submit anything to you in MyPerformance in MyHR.

Manager: Calibration meetings (if applicable – see local communications)

If planned, these must take place before mid-year reviews start. If you’re a manager, you’ll be told the date of the calibration meeting for your business area by your manager or People Partner.

Calibration meetings are for managers to discuss ratings and make sure people are being rated consistently and fairly.

You can find out more about the calibration meeting and how it works in the calibration guide.

Managers: Enter colleagues’ summary comments and rating in MyHR

Add your summary comments and confirm the rating in each colleague’s performance review in MyHR after the review. The deadline to complete this is 19 July 2019.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Log into MyHR.
  2. Select the ‘Performance’ icon.
  3. Select ‘My Manager Evaluations’.
  4. Find the colleague whose rating you want to confirm then select ‘My 2019 Mid Year review’.
  5. Check the rating you’re giving the colleague - change it if necessary.
  6. Enter your comments in the ‘Manager Comments’ box.
  7. Select Save.

You can find out more about how to write and structure your summary comment for colleagues in the manager guide.

More information on performance and reviews

If you need more information, you can read the performance guide.