HR and payroll improvements

We’re improving our HR and payroll systems.

You'll find full details of the changes in this MyHR improving our systems booklet.

What are the changes?

We’re moving to a new system called MyHR

With this online HR and payroll system you’ll be able to view your payslip and change your personal information through your personal computer, smart phone or tablet.

If you don’t have a Co-op email address, you'll need to register your personal email address so we can send you your password for the new system.

We’re moving to one pay-cycle

We’re moving all colleagues onto the same current pay-cycle. If you’re paid on the arrears pay-cycle, you’re always paid two weeks behind colleagues on the current pay-cycle. Colleagues on the arrears pay cycle will get two weeks’ “catch up” pay when the MyHR system goes live, which is currently planned for October.

You will receive a letter that tells you which pay-cycle, you’re on. You can also find your pay-cycle on your payslip.

We know that for many, the payment will be great news. However if extra money in your take-home pay impacts your personal circumstances call our support line on 0330 606 1011 by 31 August 2017.

We’re standardising holiday pay

We’re also changing the way we calculate holiday pay to make it consistent for all colleagues. This will take effect at the launch of MyHR which is planned for October 2017.

Support for managers

Here’s some information that you need to know to support your team through the changes.

For further help and support contact HR Shared Services on 0330 606 1001 or email