Our LGBTQ+, Youth, Black, Asian and minority ethnic, and womens’ networks

At Co-op, we’re proud. Proud of our diverse colleague community and proud of a workplace culture where people can flourish while always being their true, authentic selves.


Respect supports LGBTQ+ colleagues at Co-op. Our main purpose is to help create a safe and inclusive workplace where colleagues can be themselves always, no matter their identity or sexual orientation.

Anyone is welcome to get involved - you don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Email us at respectlgbt@coop.co.uk or follow us on Yammer and Twitter.


Aspire is a network of women and allies that advocates and co-operates for a fairer world for all women, now and in the future, so that women in our Co-op feel welcome, valued and that they can succeed.

If you’d like to support this group:

Email: aspire@coop.co.uk Tweet: @CoopUKAspire

Strive Network

Our ambition is to help young Co-op colleagues aged 16-30 shine in their careers by providing opportunities to support their progression: we do this by providing them with training, networking, and development opportunities.

We firmly believe in ‘generations working together’ and invite colleagues from all ages to join the network, get involved in our workshops and events and support young people with their development.

Sign up below to find out more by subscribe to our newsletter by emailing strive@coop.co.uk, joining our Yammer group or by reading our diversity blog.


We’re a network of volunteers from various parts of the business, working to amplify the lived experiences of minority ethnic colleagues across Co-op. We’re dedicated to raising cultural awareness and playing a pivotal role in creating a more inclusive environment at Co-op.

We firmly believe the more we understand, appreciate, and celebrate our differences, the better we can work together to create a fairer and more inclusive environment for everyone.

If you have any questions or need some support, please email us at rise@coop.co.uk or join us on yammer. You can also find lots of great cultural resources and links to events we’ve hosted on the Rise SharePoint site.