Last reviewed on 09 August 2018

Our LGBT+, youth and womens’ career support networks

At Co-op, we’re proud. Proud of our diverse colleague community and proud of a workplace culture where people can flourish while always being their true, authentic selves.


Respect is our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) network. More than 700 colleagues have joined.

Anyone who supports LGBT+ equality is welcome to join.
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A career network supporting colleagues looking to progress at Co-op. The focus is informal support for women, encouraging equal gender representation at all levels. All colleagues can be a part of this network.

If you’d like to support this group.
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Youth Network

The network is focussed on helping young people realise their goals and grow themselves in the Co-op. It’s a place where they can get support with their work, meet others, learn about the business and find new opportunities. All colleagues can be a part of this network.

Find out more and sign up to be a member
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