Our LGBT+, Youth, Black, Asian and minority ethnic, and womens’ networks

At Co-op, we’re proud. Proud of our diverse colleague community and proud of a workplace culture where people can flourish while always being their true, authentic selves.


Respect is our lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) network. More than 700 colleagues have joined.

Anyone who supports LGBT+ equality is welcome to join.
Email: respectlgbt@coop.co.uk
Tweet: @cooprespectlgbt


Aspire is a community of colleagues who believe that all women in Co-op have a right to equality. We support each other with our careers, we challenge others to support women in Co-op and we raise awareness of issues which affect women. All colleagues can be a part of this network.

If you’d like to support this group.
Email: aspire@coop.co.uk Tweet: @CoopUKAspire

Strive Network

Our ambition is to help young Co-op colleagues aged 16-30 shine in their careers by providing opportunities to support their progression: we do this by providing them with training, networking, and development opportunities.

We firmly believe in ‘generations working together’ and invite colleagues from all ages to join the network, get involved in our workshops and events and support young people with their development

Sign up below to find out more by subscribe to our newsletter by emailing strive@coop.co.uk, joining our Yammer group or by reading our diversity blog.

Rise (Black, Asian and minority ethnic)

The Rise network is building a supportive community for colleagues from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds. ​

If you'd like to support this group email: rise@coop.co.uk or sign up to join.