We're a community of parents and carers who come together to support each other as part of an inclusive Co-op. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for colleagues who care for children, elderly parents, disabled partners, or other family/friends, to share experiences and support each other whatever their circumstances.

We listen to and share stories of parents and carers from all backgrounds, cultures, and personal situations. We're all about raising awareness about the valuable commitments and recognising the challenges many colleagues face outside of work.

This year, we are pleased to announce that Steve Murrells has become our network sponsor.

Goals for 2022

We'll continue to organise events and activities, focussing on topics that our parent and carer community finds challenging or important, such as juggling caring responsibilities with daily work commitments.

We'll look to increase our numbers, including male parents/carers and colleagues in stores/depots/field.

We're relaunching the Buddy scheme - an offer to all colleagues who want an informal space to share parental or caring discussions/questions. The aim of the buddying system is to:

  1. Be a safe environment to share experiences;
  2. Bring People Together; and
  3. Be a support network both now and in the future.

We'll also look to Collaborate with other networks, recruit colleagues to help run or support the network, and build a network of ambassadors.

Our Network Committee Members

How you can get involved

PACT Member

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  • Share feedback on what else you would like to see
  • Share your parenting & carer stories to feature in colleague stories

PACT Steering

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  • Help organise events
  • Suggest topics to cover

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