Here are the steps we’ll follow when a colleague wants to take Paternity/Non-pregnant Parent/Co-Adopter Leave. You can find all the forms you need on the colleague website.

We recognise that some of our colleagues may not identify with the term ‘paternity’ so we have added the term ‘non-pregnant parent’ into this policy to ensure inclusivity for our LGBTQ+ parents. We recognise that in a couple adopting a child, either partner could be the Co-Adopter. However, for simplicity, and in line with legislation, the term ‘paternity’ will still be used in our forms, and systems including payroll, so please note that where used, this term includes non-pregnant parents and Co-Adopters.

1) Notifying manager

Colleagues should notify their manager that they plan to take Paternity/Non-pregnant Parent/ Co-Adopter Leave no later than the end of the 15th week before their baby’s due or seven days after being told that they have been matched with a child for adoption/notified of a fostering to adopt/concurrent planning placement. Just as a reminder that there are qualifying criteria – see the Paternity and Non-pregnant Parent, Co-Adopter Policy for more information.

Colleagues should also tell their manager when they expect to take their Paternity and Non-pregnant Parent/Co-Adopter Leave - which must be after the date of the birth/placement - and how much leave they want to take (one week or two weeks).

If the colleague wants to change their plans and take leave at a different time, they should give their manager as much notice as they can, ideally 28 days.

2) PL1 form

The colleague needs to complete a PL1 - Application for Paternity /Non-Pregnant Parent/Co-Adopter Leave form, which includes a declaration they must sign to confirm that they qualify for Paternity and Non-pregnant Parent/Co-Adopter Leave, and then ask their manager to sign it. There are two versions of the form: one for birth and one for adoption.

Managers should send the completed form to HR Services.

3) Antenatal appointments and pre-adoption appointments

The colleague should talk to their manager about any antenatal or pre-adoption appointments they need to go to. Managers must agree unpaid time off for two appointments if these fall within work time.

4) Notifying HR Services

Colleagues should enter their Paternity/ Non-Pregnant Parent/Co-Adopter leave in MyHR as soon as possible once their baby has been born/child has been placed for adoption and their Paternity / Non-Pregnant Parent/Co-Adopter Leave has started. Their manager can also do this for them. For help on how to do this please see the MYHR guidance.

For KRONOS/TARA users, the manager will need to notify HR Shared Services on behalf of the colleague by completing the Start of Paternity Leave form here.