Here you can learn more about Co-op Performance, as well as have access to a collection of useful performance-related guides and templates.

Year-end 2021

2021 was expected to be the year where things started to return to normal, but this year has seen its own challenges affecting colleagues, customers and communities; as well as the ongoing challenges posed by Covid-19.

Performance conversations are important to colleagues, so although ratings will be back at Year-end 2021 and they’re an important part of the process, the emphasis will remain on having good quality meaningful conversations.

Performance ratings at Year-end 2021 should take into consideration the colleague’s personal impact and behaviours:

  • Focussing on HOW colleagues have done things, rather than on what they’ve done, and how they’ve brought our Ways of Being Co-op to life
  • Looking at the IMPACT colleagues have had on Co-op – our colleagues, customers and communities; rather than on the hours or the effort
  • Thinking about CAPABILITY – making sure that colleagues know what they do well and what they need to work on
  • Also, PART-TIME colleagues not only receive less feedback than full-time colleagues, but they’re also more likely to be rated as Partially Achieving and much less likely to be rated as Exceeding or Outstanding, so extra focus should be put on these colleagues to make sure that their performance is rated fairly

Read the Year-end 2021 guides below or click on the Year-end 2021 link at the top of this page to know what you need to do and when.

Year-end 2021 supporting guides:

Year-end 2021 timeline

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Other helpful tools and information:

Personal Growth Plan (PGP)

We want all colleagues to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential and we want you to feel able to own your own Personal Growth and to shape your development in the way that best suits you.

A personal growth plan can be whatever you want it to be - it's personal. It can be a written account of self-reflection and improvement, or a detailed action plan used to fulfil academic, personal, or career-based goals. It can also be as simple as a collection of thoughts on sticky notes, photographs or drawings.

Visit the PGP page where you can find some hints and tips on where you may like to start with planning your Personal Growth Plan (PGP).