If you're a permanent Co-op colleague, you'll automatically get free personal accident cover against death or permanent disability caused in an accident.

It applies to accidents that happen both inside and outside work.

It also covers your personal belongings if you're travelling on company business, and your travel involves train journeys, flights or overnight stays.

There’s no need to apply.

What you get if you have an accident

If you suffer total permanent disability or death, you'll get 3 times your annual salary or £75,000 - whichever is greater, up to a maximum of £1million.

You’ll get this as well as any other Co-op death in service cover.

You'll get other benefits if you suffer what’s known as a partial permanent disability. Call Group Risk on 0161 692 2784 or 0161 692 4054 to find out what these are.

How to claim

Call Group Risk on 0330 606 9648.