Here at the Co-op, we want to provide a safe working environment our colleagues and make sure that everyone we recruit has the required qualifications and experience. This is why we do checks on everyone who’s offered a role with us – whether as a permanent or temporary colleague, an agency worker or a contractor. These checks will depend on the role you’re applying for, but you’ll know what checks we’ll do before you apply for the job.

1) Job offer

If we make you a job offer, it will be conditional on you successfully completing the checks needed for the role.

The job offer will be emailed to you, to accept it you need to follow the link in the email.

2) Registration

Once you’ve accepted our job offer, you will get an email from our screening partner, Vero Screening asking you to register on their online portal.

If you can’t register straight away, you’ll receive 3 reminders that you need to register on the portal. These will be sent every other day. If you haven’t registered after getting the 3 reminders, Vero will raise it to us and we will get in touch with you to find out if everything’s ok.

Once you’re registered, you’ll be asked for all the information you need to provide so that they can start to complete the screening.

3) Completing the checks

The only information they’ll pass onto us is whether or not the screening checks have been successfully passed. If not, we’ll ask for a copy of the screening file. This is so we can make a fair and consistent decision about whether we can hire you.

4) Confirmation

We’ll contact you to confirm whether the checks have been successful. If they have, then there’s nothing more for you to do and we’ll progress with the arrangements for you joining us.

If the checks have come back unsuccessful, and we can’t hire you in that role, we’ll tell you this as soon as possible. We’ll tell you what part of the check was unacceptable and give you a chance to correct any information if you think there’s been an error. If the check has been unsuccessful then we’ll withdraw the job offer we made to you.

Consideration for existing colleagues

If you’re an existing colleague and the check comes back as unsuccessful, we’ll withdraw the job offer made to you. If we think the information is relevant to whether or not you can continue in your existing role, we’ll talk to you about this. Just so you know this could mean that you are dismissed from your current role with us.