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Problems with your pay

Last reviewed on 24 July 2018

Use this page to help you if you think your pay is wrong.

If you think you’ve been paid the wrong amount

Speak with your manager first to check that any overtime, holiday pay or sick pay has been approved in time.

If your overtime hasn’t been approved in time

It will be paid into your next payslip.

If you’re missing sick pay

Check your contract to see what sick pay you’re entitled to. In some roles you need to be off for at least 4 consecutive days before you get any sick pay.

Sick pay is paid ‘in arrears’ - this means it will go into your next payslip if you were off in the last 2 weeks before the current payday.

If you’ve paid too much tax

Co-op can’t change your tax code or refund you if you’ve paid too much.

Check the HMRC website to see how much tax you should be paying. Contact HMRC directly if you still think your payslip is wrong.

If you’ve not been paid at all

Call HR Services on 0330 606 1001.

You may not have been paid because:

  • you’ve not put your bank details into MyHR
  • your bank details are wrong in MyHR
  • your sick pay has run out
  • you’re a new starter and have missed the cut off date for this pay day

If you’re repaying a debt or court order

Co-op can’t change the amount taken from your wages.

You can apply to HMRC to have your payments changed if you can’t afford them or want to pay the debt off quicker.

If you’re repaying a student loan

Co-op can’t change the amount taken from your wages.

Check the HMRC website to see how much you need to be earning before you start paying back your student loan.