For colleagues thinking of leaving:

Before handing in your resignation, we'd suggest you discuss your reasons with your Line Manager, or another member of your management team to see if we can support. Following this if you still wish to leave the co-op, we will need you to put this in writing to your Line Manager.

For line managers with a colleague who is leaving

As soon as you know a colleague is leaving (if by resignation you will need this in writing) you should confirm their last official day of employment and then you must process them as a leaver on MyHR to avoid any potential overpayments.

To ensure we're protecting our members money and Co-op data you must collect any Co-op property from the colleague on their leave date including uniform, keys, IT equipment. Once IT equipment is collected please complete the 'Leaver’ request in HEAT.

Processing a leaver on MyHR:

  • From the homepage select My Team then Team Details
  • Find the colleague and click on the 3 dots at the far right
  • Select Terminate
  • Choose the notification date (the date they told you) and termination date (date they are leaving)
  • Choose Termination from the Action Name dropdown
  • From the Revoke User Access dropdown select After Termination
  • Select Continue
  • Select Submit You will receive an email from MyHR to confirm the leave has been processed correctly. If you do not receive this contact HR services. HR Services will send an email to the colleague confirming the date they are leaving with an optional exit questionnaire
Go to the [MyHR guide]( for more help.

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