Here at the Co-op we value the contribution that members of the Reserve Forces make to our communities and the UK Armed Forces.

If you’re a Reservist, talk to your manager about the support you need.

Crucial bits

Most importantly, you will never suffer any disadvantage from telling us that you are a Reservist. So tell your manager if you’re a Reservist, or thinking of becoming one, and also give the Ministry of Defence (MoD) the ok to formally notify us.

We are committed to:

  • Giving you a reasonable amount of time off work to attend your Reservist training - as a minimum two weeks for your Camp Qualifying Engagement (Annual Camp)
  • Paying you the difference between your normal wages and your Reservist pay during your Annual Camp, if you give us a copy of your MoD payslip - your manager should send this to HR Services
  • Accruing your service with the Co-op during your periods of military service
  • Agreeing that you’ll be able to return to work in the same role following your demobilisation or to a similar role if this isn’t possible. You need to write to us no later than the third Monday after your last day of military service and tell us the date that you want to return to work, which should be within six weeks of your last day of service
  • Supporting you as you transition back into work once you’ve been demobilised

Things to think about

Give your manager as much notice as possible of your Annual Camp so they can plan ahead. We want your pay to be right, so the time that you’re on Annual Camp should be recorded as Paid Territorial Army Training.

Your other Reservist training or activities will usually fall outside your working hours so you shouldn’t need to take time off work. But if you do, talk to your manager about the possibility of taking holiday or unpaid leave or changing your shifts.

If you receive a “Notice of Call-Out” from the MoD, please tell your manager as soon as possible. If it’s going to cause serious problems for the business, we may apply for an exemption to your compulsory mobilisation, but only once we’ve discussed it with you first.

If you want to volunteer for mobilisation, you’ll need to talk to your manager and get their written consent before you can apply. We’ll do our best to let you go, but may need to say no if it would cause problems for the business.

If you’re mobilised (either compulsorily or voluntarily) there’ll be implications for your pay and benefits, pensions and holidays. We’ll confirm the details in a letter to you at the time.

If you’re interested in taking on any additional Reservist commitments, such as Full-Time Reserve Service, Additional Duties Commitment or High Readiness Reservist, please talk to your manager first.

If you need further support

If you have any questions about time off for Reservist activities, please speak to your manager. If managers need advice they should contact ER Services.

You may need support in transitioning back into work and readjusting to civilian life, so remember we have an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) who can provide colleagues with support. You can contact the EAP in confidence on 0800 069 8854.