Respect supports LGBTQ+ colleagues at Co-op and is inclusive of anyone who identifies within the LGBTQ+ communities. Our main purpose is to help create a safe and inclusive workplace where colleagues can be themselves always, no matter their gender identity, trans status or sexual orientation.

Within Respect, we are focussed on ensuring we better represent the full diversity of our communities and increase visibility and support for those who are most marginalised, including LGBTQ+ people who are also disabled, from ethnic minority backgrounds and/or who are younger or older.

Anyone is welcome to get involved - you don’t have to be part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Why get involved

By being part of the Respect network, you can:

  • keep up to date with network events and other helpful information
  • support LGBTQ+ colleagues, friends of Respect and allies
  • learn about and input into policy developments
  • help raise the profile of Co-op as an employer of choice
  • help educate other colleagues by sharing the achievements, challenges and lived experiences of the LGBTQ+ community

How you can join and get involved

You can join our network by clicking here and providing your details. Don’t worry, if you’re not out, we will keep your identity private and your details will never be shared outside of the network leadership team.

You can also get involved by:

When you join the network you can:

  • connect with other LGBTQ+ colleagues and allies across the Co-op
  • take part in events and activities including Pride events across the UK
  • support campaigns run by Respect including; LGBTQ+ History Month, International Non Binary People’s Day, Intersex Awareness Day, Trans Awareness Week, World Aids Day and so much more
  • share your thoughts and feedback on what will make Co-op and the workplace more inclusive

If you want to donate some of your time to run the network, why not consider joining one of our working groups? It’s a great way to support the network and our mission, as well as a great development opportunity.

Communications: responsible for the Respect Mailbox, Yammer and Social Media.

Development: responsible for partnerships, memberships, education across business areas and Academies and learning opportunities for the Network.

Events: responsible for leading on all events including Pride, Iris festival and Inclusion Calendar Events.

Reach and Representation: responsible for increasing representation nationally, across business areas, and of marginalised identities.

If you’re interested in joining one of our working groups, click here to join the network or email us at