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Rise (Black, Asian and minority ethnic)

Last reviewed on 20 December 2018

The Rise Network is building a supportive community for colleagues from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

Working with various areas of the business to raise awareness and knowledge of the depth and richness of different BAME cultures, it encourages inclusion among all of our colleagues.

Organisations that are diverse and inclusive make more profit than those who aren't. We want to help create a more ethnically diverse Co-op to better meet the needs of the future - and the communities we serve.

Why get involved

By supporting Rise, you can:

  • get involved with culturally significant events to increase colleague understanding and awareness
  • work with HR to create more transparent and inclusive policies
  • network with like-minded colleagues
  • support change to help create a diverse and inclusive culture

How you can get involved

You can get involved by:

You can also see what events are happening by looking at the diversity calendar.

When you get involved

You can take part in:

  • events
  • expert talks
  • increasing your knowledge about the different cultures and heritages of colleagues in Co-op
  • personal development help
  • workshops
  • sharing skills
  • an online community