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Social media accounts policy

Last reviewed on 20 May 2019

No Co-op branded social media accounts are permitted for a Food store, area, region, department, depot, or Funeralcare home.

People in your local community are more likely to engage with you on social media if you’re a genuine person (yourself), not a brand/logo. If you prefer to have a separate social media channel as yourself for work, that’s fine too, just make a new one and ensure it still looks like the channel of a real person, the real you! Here are some tips on how to do this.

If you're a Member Pioneer, we'll be in touch this summer with more specific details and coaching. If you have any questions, just drop us a DM on @coopukcolleague or email us at and we'll be happy to help you.

What should I be sharing?

  • community stories & local causes #ItsWhatWeDo
  • celebration/payout days with local causes #ItsWhatWeDo
  • own brand products you've enjoyed #ItsWhatWeDo
  • volunteering efforts #BeingCoop
  • team events & personal achievements #BeingCoop
  • if you're voting in our AGM #ItsWhatWeDo
  • celebrating Pride #PrideInCoop
  • working at a festival #BeingCoop

Here are some tips and tricks on engaging your local community as yourself

  • join local community groups on Facebook and share news and events on behalf of your Co-op in there
  • share photos and videos on Instagram whilst using the location function
  • use location-based hashtags on Twitter and Instagram such as #Salford
  • check out our YouTube series called Skills for your community which has lots of tips and tricks on how best to use social media.
  • like & follow Co-op Colleagues on Facebook and Twitter
  • retweet, like & share posts you see on Co-op's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • join our Co-op Communities Facebook group to share with local causes and Member Pioneers
  • subscribe to the Colleague Stories blog
  • update your social media bio on Twitter/Instagram to introduce and identify yourself, you can include where you work (e.g. I work @coopukfood)
  • update your LinkedIn profile to include where you work (we’re Co-op on LinkedIn)
  • add our Frame to your Facebook profile image
  • add our Twibbon to your Twitter profile image

Things you should know