Talkback is our annual colleague survey that provides you with the opportunity to tell us about what it’s like to work at Co-op and covers important topics like leadership, our vision, wellbeing and your working environment.

It’s really important that we understand your experiences working for our Co-op - by knowing what’s going well and what needs improvement, we can make changes to make your working life as positive as possible.

Using last year’s Talkback insights, we’ve been able to provide you with a greater level of wellbeing support; a richer and more wide-ranging calendar of inclusion events; manager upskill sessions and recognition content educating managers on why recognition matters; and a meaningful set of data that has gone towards shaping our emerging plans to further tackle bullying, harassment, and discrimination. And that’s just the start, both at Co-op overall level and within the different business areas many more changes have been made off the back of Talkback.

All managers will get their reports on 30 November 2021, and should share these as soon as possible with their teams and put together an action plan. (Stores will have hours for this activity scheduled in for January as usual.) This year, we’ve launched our new Talkback interactive dashboard to team managers. To watch a demonstration of the dashboard, please click here. We also have a guide on how to log in and export reports below.

Below you can find some useful guides and documents. There’s guides to support managers with accessing and cascading their results and action planning, a template to capture actions with their team and a template to record some of the headline results.

If you have any questions you can get in touch with the team at