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Talkback – about your leaders

Last reviewed on 06 November 2018

We want colleagues to feel proud to work at Co-op so it’s important we ask for regular feedback.

In 2018, we’ve changed how we understand colleague engagement levels:

  1. We’ve introduced Pulse surveys to give regular insight on how important initiatives are landing with colleagues.
  2. Colleague Voice has launched. It’s a forum of reps from across Co-op who help to shape initiatives that impact colleague engagement.
  3. Talkback – about your leaders helps leaders at all levels to understand their own leadership style, and how it relates to colleague engagement.

Support for managers with Talkback – about your leaders results

All managers got their reports on 7 November. The link to the portal was sent in an email from Karian & Box, our independent survey partner.

Please work your way through your report. It’s in a workbook style with lots of space for you to reflect on the results, and think about the changes you’d like to make and how you’ll share these with your team.

As reports are personal to you this year, we’ve asked colleagues to give you a couple of weeks’ to reflect on the results, speak to your own manager and think through how you’ll share the feedback with the team.

All managers should have conversations with their colleagues as we’ve heard in the past that colleagues haven’t seen their team’s results or action based on them.

Use the discussion template below.

The report gives you lots of insight to help with your development as a leader.

To help you, here are some more resources.

If you have any questions about the Talkback – about your leaders survey or reports, please email