Here at the Co-op we believe in a better way of doing business for you and your communities. We do this by Being Co-op – doing what matters most; showing we care; being ourselves and succeeding together. We think it’s important to recognise our colleagues for consistently bringing our Ways of Being Co-op to life. We want to celebrate how we do things, not just what we do.

Thank you for Being Co-op is our way of thanking and celebrating colleagues for the difference they make to our customers, members, communities and each other. We can show our colleagues that we appreciate what they’ve done and how they’ve done it in lots of ways. We don’t want to tell you how best to recognise your colleagues, but we’ve got a range of tools you can use to help you find just the right thing.

Crucial bits

Just so it’s clear, this is about recognising our colleagues for doing things in a way that show our Ways of Being Co-op. It’s not to reward colleagues for meeting targets, or achieving good business results. Of course, doing the day job well is really important – but this is about recognising the extra things our colleagues do every day to bring our Ways of Being Co-op to life.

*It’s also not about gifts for colleagues to mark significant personal life events – such as having a baby, being ill or celebrating birthdays. Still continue to mark these important things in your team though. *

Saying thank you isn’t always about big gestures. Focusing on the things people do every day is just as important. Our colleagues tell us that a simple thank you goes a long way.

Digital thank you site

We have created a one stop shop for colleague recognition at which you can access here. On the site colleagues can:

  • Send instant digital thank you cards across the whole of the Co-op
  • Share a #BeingCoop story to appear on the Wall of Fame
  • Find out more about why recognition matters
  • Read top tips on making recognition meaningful
  • Download useful guides and resources
  • Find out more about the #Being Coop Awards

Being Co-op Awards

As well as saying thank you little and often, we want to celebrate when our colleagues really go above and beyond to bring our Ways of Being Co-op to life. So we have our annual Being Co-op Awards. There’s more information about the awards, categories and when nominations open at

There’s also local colleague recognition awards that happen around our Co-op, so ask your manager about how you can use these to say thank you to your colleagues.

Purchasing small gifts

We know that there will be occasions where it will be appropriate to continue to give colleagues small gifts in recognition of their achievements. If a colleague really has done something special then just buy a gift (preferably from the co-op so our communities continue to benefit!) and give it to the colleague in person. Make sure you keep the receipt and claim the money back on the appropriate recognition line in the online expenses system. There is a maximum spend limit of £15 per person for colleague recognition.

Things to think about

Here are some everyday examples of what the Ways of Being Co-op look like in action;

Be yourself always - Arranging a team event to celebrate success - Enthusiastically helping a new colleague - Having great conversations about the co-op difference with customers

Do what matters most - Helping other colleagues when their own work is finished - Spotting new opportunities - Great customer service

Succeed together - Successful completion of a project - Successful store refits - Working with colleagues outside the team to achieve a common goal - Signing up new Co-op members

Show you care - Helping colleagues through a difficult time - Going out of your way to help customers - Fundraising for the community - Acts of bravery and selflessness - Supporting last minute changes to help others

Here are some hints and tips about how to say Thank you for Being Co-op;

  • Be specific – Share what you appreciate about your colleague’s behaviour and actions and link your feedback to the Ways of Being Co-op
  • Tailor the thank you to the individual – Everyone is different. Would public praise or a quiet chat be more appreciated?
  • Say it like you mean it – Being authentic in your thanks will make a difference
  • The whole team – Saying thank you in front of the whole team strengthens team bonds
  • Don’t delay – Saying thank you in the moment can be more powerful than saving it up for a formal chat
  • Get others involved – Share great stories and involve other people in recognising your team
  • Set out clear expectations – Share what ‘good’ looks like so colleagues know what to aim for

If you need further support

If you have any questions about Thank you for Being Co-op, speak to your manager. If managers need advice, they should contact ER Services.