If you’re a Co-op colleague you’re paid every 4 weeks - these are called ’pay periods’. You get a payslip on MyHR for each pay period.

Use this page to help you understand some of the words on your payslip.

If you see ‘Retroactive’ next to any payments or deductions, it means they have been applied in this payslip but relate to a previous period. For example, you might see ‘Sickness Deduction Kronos Retroactive’ - this would mean a deduction was made because you were off sick in the last 2 weeks of the previous pay period.


This section shows how much you’ve been paid during the pay period. It includes any holiday hours or sick pay, which are itemised on your payslip.

Hourly Rate - your basic hourly rate for the hours you’re contracted to work.

Annual Salary - Payment for the hours you're contracted to work.

TS Overtime Plain Time - overtime hours you’ve worked at your basic hourly rate.

TS Overtime Night Shift - overtime hours you’ve worked at time and a third rate.

TS Overtime Time and a Half - overtime hours you've worked at basic plus half your normal hourly rate.

TS Overtime Double Time - overtime hours at double your normal hourly rate.

SSP - sick pay paid at the statutory sick pay rate, which is set by the government.

Sickness Payment - sick pay paid at your normal hourly rate by Co-op - check your contract for details of what you’re entitled to.

Offsets and Deductions - whilst you’re in full company sick pay, you will notice that in addition to SSP you will see an offset, this is so you don’t receive more than your normal take home pay whilst absent from work. Likewise, for a sickness Deduction. Whilst you’re in receipt of full pay, you will see a contra sickness deduction element on your payslip.

Holiday Payment - payment for holiday hours taken in the current pay period. Pay rate is calculated based on an average of your previous 13 pay periods.

Holiday Deduction - As you receive hourly pay/annual pay whilst on holiday, you’ll see this deduction to prevent a duplication in pay. Please note this deduction is taken at your contractual hourly rate. This means the difference between your holiday pay and deduction, is additional pay to ensure your paid in line with your average earnings.

Total Earnings - everything you’ve been paid in this pay period before any deductions.

Net Pay – the amount paid into your bank account after any deductions.


This section will show you any deductions that have been taken out of your pay. It includes things like National Insurance, tax and student loan payments.

NI Employee - how much National Insurance you’ve paid.

Student Loan/Postgraduate Loan - repayment of the loan.

For each of these deductions, should you feel these are incorrect you will need to contact HMRC directly (www.gov.uk/tax-help or call 0300 200 3300, quoting reference 961/8200772).

Pace 'X' Percent Salary Sacrifice - how much you’ve paid into your Co-op pension. X Represents your contribution amount. More information around your pension can be found at www.coop.pacepensions.co.uk.

TS Punctuality - deductions for clocking in late or clocking out early.

Temp Adjust Net - recovery for an out of cycle payment, following a correction to your pay.