Who does this guidance apply to?

All of our colleagues and managers handle information in one form or another as part of their jobs at the Co-op. We expect everyone to look after this information properly and safely. When it comes to MyHR and personal data, we need everyone to be especially clear about what they can and can’t do. Following this guidance will help keep both our business, and everyone who works in it, safe. This guide applies to all colleagues and anyone else working with us who uses MyHR.

What is MyHR?

MyHR is an online system that provides self-service and manager access to our colleagues’ personal information such as performance reviews, talent and succession information, recruitment and benefits information.

What do we expect?

You should use MyHR in a way that is consistent with the Co-op’s policies, procedures and values. Below is a list of things to be aware of and is in addition to the Information Security policies and ’Code of Business Conduct’ which are already in place and that you should read before using MyHR.

What do we need our colleagues and managers to know?

It’s ok to download and save your own payslips, but remember they are valuable confidential documents containing information that can be used for criminal activity, for example, in certain types of fraud. Further, information relating to anyone else must not be stored anywhere other than on MyHR. We need to make sure we keep our colleagues’ personal information secure and comply with Data Protection legislation.

  • don’t download any colleague or team HR information to your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or onto USB sticks or other storage devices
  • don’t share your usernames or passwords with anyone
  • if you’re working away from the office, make sure you always use your CAG token/AnyConnect to securely log on to the Co-op network before using MyHR
  • when using MyHR in public places, make sure no one around you can see any information on your screen
  • make sure you password-protect all mobile devices (i.e. laptops, phones and tablets), lock them when not in use or if you need to leave your desk for a moment, and when you’re out and about don’t give thieves an opportunity to steal your device and the information contained on it
  • if you’re using your own laptop, mobile phone or tablet instead of a Co-op device, you must install anti-virus software and apply all relevant software/OS updates to your device
  • you must use a strong, complex password for MyHR and, if your MyHR account is set up using your personal email address, use a strong, complex password to protect your email account too
  • if you need to do something that goes against information security policies linked above, contact the Information Security team for advice on exceptions processes.

Enhanced Access to MyHR

Some colleagues need an enhanced level of access to MyHR. It’s mainly colleagues in HR who have this, but sometimes other colleagues will be given this level of access if they need it to do their roles. If you’ve got Enhanced access to MyHR then as well as this guide, you need to read and sign the Co-op MyHR Enhanced User Policy. If you’re not sure whether you’ve got enhanced access to MyHR, please speak to your manager.

For more information, please go to the Information Security intranet site where Co-op colleagues can access the relevant policies and standards.