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Last reviewed on 05 July 2017

You can get up to two days paid time per year, pro-rata for volunteering. You’ll need to agree it with your manager, but they’ll always try to say yes unless it might cause problems for the business.

You can check the volunteering policy on this site.

If you’re interested in volunteering, either on your own or in a group, email: including the town/city where you’d like to volunteer.

Individual volunteering opportunities

Below are some suggestions to to get you started. If you need help to get going email

Number partners

Helping young children to develop their numeracy skills. Read more about number partner opportunities.

Reading partners
Help young children to develop their communication and literacy skills. Find out more about reading partners opportunities.


Developing young people’s understanding of personal finance by running workshops. Find out more about Fit4Finance opportunities.


Supporting a young person at one of our academies from your desk. Find out more about being an eMentor.

STEM ambassador

Inspiring young people to consider technology, engineering or maths. Read more about becoming a STEM Ambassador.

School governor
Find out more about being a school governor.

Practical challenge
Join a group of other volunteers to complete a challenge in your local community. Read more about the practical challenges opportunities.