Our charity, the Co-op Foundation, offers a number of volunteering activities.

Colleagues who want to take part in any of these activities can use their two days’ pro-rata paid volunteering leave. You’ll need your manager to agree to this, in line with Co-op’s Volunteering Policy.

Skill Share

Suitable for individuals or small groups of volunteers. Use your professional skills to strengthen a local charity. We’ll match you to a cause where you can meet regularly with the organisation’s leaders over a few months to help them tackle a particular strategic challenge they’re working on.


Mentor a young person through a secure online platform. You’ll receive training and then be able to volunteer flexibly, for about 30 minutes a week, from wherever you are.

Massive Maths

Ideal for teams who want to volunteer together for one day. You’ll visit a local school and help lead some fun maths games. You don’t need to be a maths expert and you’ll have a great time building children’s confidence.

Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs (Greater Manchester only)

We can help you arrange a variety of volunteering activities with youth clubs across Manchester. These can be organised for individuals or teams, and include helping out with practical activities, working directly with young people or helping club leaders to develop their own skills.

To find out more or sign up for any of these activities, contact the Co-op Foundation at foundation@coop.co.uk

How else can I volunteer?

You can arrange your own volunteering with one of our Local Community Fund causes or with a specific charity you wish to support. As always, you’ll need your manager’s agreement to take time off to volunteer.

Find out how you can support local causes or get involved with local schools.