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Ways of Being Co-op and Co-op behaviours

Last reviewed on 20 August 2020

You’re part of a different way of doing business.

Being Co-op is about creating a workplace that celebrates difference. Somewhere we all feel responsible, valued, empowered and trusted to do the right thing for each other, our members and our customers.

The four Ways of Being Co-op guide our future – no matter what we do, they’re how we do it.

They are:

  • Do what matters most
  • Be yourself, always
  • Show you care
  • Succeed together

Share your #BeingCoop stories and nominate your colleagues for our annual #BeingCoop Awards at

There are also some great examples of colleagues #BeingCoop on Twitter.

Co-op Behaviours

The Co-op Colleague and Leadership Behaviours are aligned to Ways of Being Co-op. The capability frameworks were designed to help Co-op colleagues and leaders understand how to live the Ways of Being Co-op; it should be seen as a step-by-step guide of what behaving like a great colleague and leader in Co-op looks like.

You can find materials in the Leadership Toolkit to help you focus on developing your own leadership behaviours, as well as tools to help you talk about the behaviours with your teams.