Letter to a Friend

This day is about saying thank you to others for the amazing things they’ve been doing in what has been a very different year.

Use the printable festive PDF (below) to write a thank you note and share it with a fellow colleague(s).


How long will colleagues have access to the printable festive PDF?

Colleagues can go back to this day to access the printable PDF until the end of the 12 days of Togetherness (Thursday, 24 December)

My colleague is working from home / isolating / not with their fellow colleagues how do they get involved?

For colleagues unable to be face to face with their fellow colleagues we have a digital festive card they can send to fellow colleagues from the recognition website

Do you need to be on a Co-op device to access the recognition website?

No, type coop.co.uk/thankyou into the browser on any device to access our recognition website.

Can digital festive cards be sent to non Co-op email addresses?

Yes the cards can be sent to both Co-op and non Co-op email addresses

Can you send multiple festive cards?

Yes, you can send up to 10 digital cards with the same message – all recipients will receive the same message.

How long will digital festive card be available for?

The digital festive card will be available on the recognition website until Monday, 4 January 2021.

How does this work for NISA colleagues?

NISA colleagues will have access to all materials detailed above.

How does this work for Franchise colleagues?

Franchise colleagues will have access to all materials detailed above.